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Someone believes that the awliya’ are our protectors, and he quotes a verse from the Qur’an as evidence

December 7, 2017


Q. I have a friend who believes that the Messenger of Allah and pious people, whom he calls Awliya like Abdul Qadir Jeelani,are our protectors and helpers in this world besides Allah.He quotes ayah no.55 of Surah Al-Maidah in support of his belief. Kindly clarify the actual meaning of the Ayah. A. Praise be to Allah […]

Serious Consequences of Falling Short in Raising Children

May 22, 2017


Q. My mother is not compassionate or understanding. Since we were small, she has treated us harshly and has never shown us an ounce of compassion, and we have grown up in this atmosphere. She has never supported me as a girl and has never taught me how to interact with suitors or with people in […]

What does it mean to say that ‘affirming a Divine Attribute (of Allaah) dictates negation of its opposite’?

March 8, 2017


Q. When Allah states that He is free of an attribute, such as death for example, in that case we must affirm its opposite, which is eternal life in this instance. But what if He ascribes an attribute to Himself, must we negate its opposite? A. Firstly: When Allah states that He is free of […]

When can a young man make Ijtihaad and issue Fatwas?

August 20, 2016


Praise be to Allaah. There are conditions attached to making ijtihaad. Not every individual has the right to issue fatwas and make pronouncements on matters, unless he has knowledge and is qualified. He has to be able to know the daleel (evidences); the wording and apparent meaning of the texts; what is saheeh (sound/authentic) and […]

Correct Understanding of the Deen (Religion)

November 5, 2014


Ibn ul-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah said: “Correct understanding is a light that Allah casts into the slave’s heart to distinguish between that which is – correctness and corruption, – truth and falsehood, – guidance and misguidance, – error and right approach. It is supplied by – good intent, – being adamant for the truth, – having taqwa […]

[The Three Principles] The Third Principle – Knowing the Prophet

September 4, 2014


After the Prophet was settled in Madinah, other rulings of the Sharee’ah were revealed like Salaat, Zakaat, Hajj, Struggling in the path of Allah, call to prayer, enjoining the good, forbidding the evil, etc. This continued for ten years and then the Prophet passed away but his religion remains – there is no good except […]

[The Three Principles] Second Principle – Knowledge of the Religion of Islam with Proofs – Third Level of Islam

April 23, 2014


The Third Level: Ihsan Ihsan is a single pillar and it is that you worship Allah as though you see Him, and even though you do not see Him, He sees you. Proof of Ihsan is the Saying of Allah, “Truly, Allah is with those who fear Him and those who are Muhsinoon (sing. Muhsin: […]