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The Progeny of Satan are Nine

October 16, 2014


Umar Ibn al-Khattab (RA) said, “The progeny of Satan are nine. Zaltun, Wathin, Laqus, A`wan, Haffaf, Murra, al-Musawwit, Dasim and Walhan. Zaltun commands the markets and he unfurls his banner therein; Wathan commands catastrophes; A`wan commands rulers; Haffaf commands intoxicants; Murra commands licentious music; Laqus commands the Magians; Al-Musawwit commands [false] news which he puts […]

On celebrating the night of the middle of Sha‘baan

June 14, 2014


Many believe that Almighty Allah descends down to the lowest of the heavens to make a special listening of people’s prayers and answer them on the night of 15 Shaban; Right or Wrong? People who hold this view use following ahadith to support their view: Aishah (RA) narrated: “I could not find Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) […]