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Black Magic (Sihr) Witchcraft and Satanic Jinn Possession

November 9, 2014


People who have had experience with such situations have related that the following are among the signs of a person who is possessed by jinn (or Satan): – Strong repulsion when hearing Qur’aan or Aathaan (call for prayers). – Episodes of losing consciousness and/or epileptic attacks, especially when Qur’aan is recited for the possessed person. […]

The Nature of Tongue [Ibn al-Qayyim]

November 7, 2014


Ibn al-Qayyim said: “For the tongue does not keep quiet at all. It is either a tongue that remembers or a tongue that is frivolous and it has to be one of these two. It is the nature of the soul; if you do not preoccupy it with truth, it will occupy you with falsehood. […]

It is Easy to Enter Islam

November 5, 2014


Among the beauties of Islam is the fact that in this religion there are no intermediaries in the relationship between a person and his Lord. Entering this religion does not involve any special ceremonies or procedures that need to be done in front of any other person, nor does it require the consent of any […]

Does faith increase and decrease according to Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah?

February 3, 2014


Q. What is the definition of eemaan (faith) according to Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah? Does it increase and decrease? A. Praise be to Allaah.  According to Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah, eemaan (faith) is “belief in the heart, words on the tongue and actions of the body.”  This includes three things: 1.     Belief in the heart 2.     Words […]

Suffering From Weak Faith

December 9, 2013


Q. I have been a religious person for several years, but for a few months I have been feeling that my mind and heart are devoid of faith and will power. This matter is tormenting me and I said to myself that perhaps this is a touch from the Shaytaan or something like that, and […]

Is faith in the heart sufficient for a person to be a Muslim?

November 15, 2013


Q. Is faith in the heart sufficient for a person to be a Muslim, without praying, fasting or paying zakaah?. A. Praise be to Allaah.Faith in the heart is not sufficient without prayer etc. Rather it is obligatory to believe in one’s heart that Allah is One, with no partner or associate, and that He is one’s Lord and […]