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Images of the torment in the grave

November 6, 2013


Q. What are the types of azab in the grave and for the people .   A. Praise be to Allaah.The torment in the grave will vary according to the sins committed by the person in this world, whether he was a kaafir {disbeliever}  or a disobedient Muslim {believer}.There are saheeh ahaadeeth which describe this torment for […]

Will these earthquakes reverse the Earth’s Direction of Rotation?

March 20, 2011


Were the recent earthquakes caused by a disturbance in the earth’s rotation and is the direction of rotation about to be reversed? Q. In recent times a message on cell phones has become widespread which speaks of the reasons for the earthquakes in Asia. This message is attributed to Dr Zaghlool al-Najjaar and the text […]

The Mercy of Allaah towards His slaves

January 22, 2011


The Mercy of Allaah towards His slaves Q. How merciful is Allah, because i heard he loves you more than 70 mothers. Is that true? please explain. ———————————– Praise be to Allaah. Allaah is the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, and He is the most Merciful of those who show mercy. His Mercy encompasses all things. […]

Three questions in the grave

November 25, 2010


Three questions in the grave (from the trials of the grave) Praise be to Allaah.   Firstly: When the son of Adam dies and his soul departs and he is placed in his grave, then he is in the first stage of the Hereafter, because the grave is the first of the stages of the Hereafter. […]

Mahdi and the order of appearance of the portents of Hour

November 19, 2010


The truth about the Mahdi, and the order in which the portents of the Hour will appear “In the present distressed situation many people including scholars are found to talk about the Renaissance of Islam and the emergence of Imam Mehdi. I want to ask about two things: first, who is or may be Imam […]