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Marriage Case: A Christian Woman had a Civil Marriage, and she wants to have an Islamic Marriage with another man without the first husband having divorced her

February 13, 2017


Q. I know an orthodox Christian girl who got married to a Muslim man in court. They got married about two and a half year ago and then she got separated from him about five months ago. She now contacted her church and the priest told her that her marriage was not valid in the […]

What Are The Jinn?

March 31, 2015


Allah has created at least two beings that have the freedom of choice: Mankind and Jinn. Animals, birds, and other organisms do not have this freedom. They can only do what they were created to do. They can only obey Allah. The angels do not have this freedom either. They were created to obey Allah […]

How the Bible was Lost

December 28, 2014


Ibn Hazm (d 456 AH) said: “As for the Christians, then there is no dispute among them or from other than them, that none believed in the Messiah (Jesus) while he was on earth except for one hundred and twenty people. And all those that believed in him used to conceal their faith in fear […]

Is Ibraaheem’s (Abraham’s) building of the Ka‘bah mentioned in the Bible?

January 29, 2014


Q. Recently one of my Uncle who is not a Muslim and he is doing research on islam at the moment and he is currently living in California USA . He studied both Bible, Torah and Quran. He asked me a question to which I dont know any satisfactory answer, since I am not Qualified. Can you […]