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When can a young man make Ijtihaad and issue Fatwas?

August 20, 2016


Praise be to Allaah. There are conditions attached to making ijtihaad. Not every individual has the right to issue fatwas and make pronouncements on matters, unless he has knowledge and is qualified. He has to be able to know the daleel (evidences); the wording and apparent meaning of the texts; what is saheeh (sound/authentic) and […]

Qualities of a Mufti

July 29, 2014


Q. What are the qualities which a person must attain if he wants to set himself up to issue fatwas? A. Praise be to Allaah. Ibn al-Qayyim said:  Abu ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Battah mentioned in his book “al-Khala’” that Imaam Ahmad said: No man should set himself up to issue fatwas until he has attained five qualities:  1.     […]