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Suggested alternatives to Electronic Games

March 9, 2017


Q. What are some fun and beneficial activities that we can do with our children, instead of them sitting at the computer? A. Praise be to Allah It is no longer hidden from anyone how many electronic games there are of all types and how quickly they have become widespread, and how attached and obsessed […]

[Imam Shawkaanee] An Abridgment of The Treatise on the Ruling of Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday

December 27, 2015


An Abridgment of The Treatise on the Ruling of Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday رسالة في حكم المولد By الإمام محمد بن علي الشوكاني Imaam Muhammad bin ‘Alee ash-Shawkaanee (d. 1170H) Edited by Shaykh Muhammad Sahbee bin Hasan Hallaaq With Comments From Shaykh Saaleh bin ‘Abdullah al-‘Usaymee Teacher in the Prophet’s Masjid, al-Madeenah Edited and Compiled by Ariff […]

Why are a lot of people being affected by Jinn these days

January 29, 2015


In recent times their appears to have been a significant increase in the number of people who are being affected by Jinn. There are numerous causes of this but generally it is due to the fact that society as a whole is moving away from the correct worship of Allah and not even calling towards […]

Traits of Flirtatious Behaviour in Men and Women

November 7, 2014


Ibn Hazm, “I will describe something to you that you see with your own eyes: and that is that I have never seen a woman in any place who notices that a man is looking at or listening to her, except that she begins to gesture in a way that she not normally gesture, and […]


November 6, 2014


One of the greatest means of protecting and combating oneself against the evil effects of witchcraft, evil eye/envy and jinn is to persist in regularly reciting the Adhkaar. They prevent against witchcraft, evil eye/envy and jinn possession before it happens, protecting one against it and warding off its evil, and remedying it if it does […]

With the killing of al-Husayn, shaytaan caused the people to introduce Two Innovations [Ibn Taymiyah]

November 4, 2014


Shaykh al Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullah) said: “Because of the killing of al-Husayn, shaytaan caused the people to introduce two innovations: 1. the innovation of mourning and wailing on the day of ‘Ashoora’, by slapping the cheeks, weeping, and reciting eulogies. … and … 2. the innovation of rejoicing and celebrating. … So some introduced […]

The Believer dedicates his Attention to the Hereafter [Ibn al-Qayyim

October 31, 2014


Ibn Al-Jawzee said, “The believer dedicates his attention to the Hereafter, and anything that he faces in this life reminds him of the Last Life. Surely, one will dedicate his attention to whatever busying affairs one engages in. For instance, if craftsmen enter a house, – the furniture maker will examine the furniture in that […]