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Imam Ja‘far as-Saadiq

December 26, 2016


Q. Can you please provide a brief biography Jafar bin Mohammad bin ‘Ali bin Zain al-‘Abdeen bin Al-Hussain bin ‘Ali also known as jafar al sadiq and can you please mention some reliable biographical books in which we can read his biography. A. Praise be to Allah Firstly: His full name is Imam Abu ‘Abdullah […]

The Status of the Imams of the Ithna ‘Ashari Shi’ah

November 6, 2013


Q. What is the position on the 12 Imams of the Shia, especially the later ones? A. Praise be to Allaah. Firstly:  The Raafidis, Imamis or Ithna ‘Asharis (“Twelvers”) are one of the branches of Shi’ism.  They are called Raafidis because they rejected (rafada) most of the Sahaabah and they rejected the leadership of the two Shaykhs Abu […]

Qadianiyyah in the light of Islam

June 13, 2011


Qadianiyyah in the light of Islam Q. If someone is not a qadiani but knows that they believe in a false prophet and accepts qadianis as a madhab in Islam, are they out of Islam? A. Praise be to Allaah. Definition: Qadianiyyah is a movement that started in 1900 CE as a plot by the British colonialists […]

Mahdi and the order of appearance of the portents of Hour

November 19, 2010


The truth about the Mahdi, and the order in which the portents of the Hour will appear “In the present distressed situation many people including scholars are found to talk about the Renaissance of Islam and the emergence of Imam Mehdi. I want to ask about two things: first, who is or may be Imam […]