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Permissibility of raising the price of a product in return for paying in installments

April 24, 2017


Q. Is it permissible to sell by installments when the price of the product is increased?. A. Praise be to Allaah. Selling in installments means that you get the product sooner and pay all or part of the price later in known installments over a known period of time. The importance of knowing the ruling […]

Riba is haraam for the one who takes it and the one who pays it, and it is haraam to help with it in any way whatsoever

April 29, 2014


Q. In one of the questions on your website you stated that working in an auditing office that deals with customers who are involved in some riba-based transactions is not permissible, and you quoted the hadeeth of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) in which he cursed four categories of people, […]

Ruling on dealing with mortgages in a non-Muslim country

November 15, 2013


Q. Perhaps my question has been asked many times before. It is about mortgages in non-Muslim countries. We live in a western society and we live in rented accommodation so as to avoid riba. Recently we found out that there are no houses for rent, and 96% of the market is based on mortgages. All […]