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The Messiah [‘Eesa] and Yahya (peace be upon them) were maternal cousins

January 11, 2018


Q. Was Maryam (peace be upon her) the only child of her family? If that is true, then how could the Messiah (peace be upon him) and Yahya (peace be upon him) be maternal cousins?. A. Praise be to Allaah. What the historians and biographers say is that ‘Imraan ( عمران ), the father of Maryam, […]

Prophet Zakariyya’s sponsorship of Maryam (peace be upon them both)

January 10, 2018


Q. In Qur’an it is mentioned that Prophet Zakaria was made kafeel for Maryam. Was there any direct relationship with them like brother/uncle etc. Here Kafeel includes what ? A. Praise be to Allah Firstly: The scholars differed concerning the relationship between Zakariyya and Maryam (peace be upon them both). There are two views: That he was […]

The wisdom behind the fact that ‘Eesa ibn Maryam was created without a father

February 19, 2014


Q. What is the wisdom behind the fact that Allaah created ‘Eesa ibn Maryam without a father? A. Praise be to Allaah.   Shaykh al-Shanqeeti said:  Part of the wisdom behind the fact that Allaah created ‘Eesa from a woman without a husband was to make that a sign for mankind, i.e., a sign that […]