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The Four Eyes

November 2, 2014


It is reported that Khâlid b. Ma’dân – Allâh have mercy on him – said: There is not a person except he has four eyes: – two in his head with which he sees the matters of this worldly life, and – two in his heart with which he looks to the matters of the […]

Our attitude towards Yazeed ibn Muaawiyah

November 27, 2011


His name was Yazeed ibn Muaawiyah ibn Abi Sufyaan ibn Harb ibn Umayaah al-Umawi al-Dimashqi. Al-Dhahabi said: he was the commander of that army during the campaign against Constantinople, among which were people such as Abu Ayyoob al-Ansaari. Yazeed was appointed by his father as his heir, so he took power after his father died […]