The Believer dedicates his Attention to the Hereafter [Ibn al-Qayyim

Posted on October 31, 2014


Ibn Al-Jawzee said,

“The believer dedicates his attention to the Hereafter, and anything that he faces in this life reminds him of the Last Life.

Surely, one will dedicate his attention to whatever busying affairs one engages in. For instance, if craftsmen enter a house,
– the furniture maker will examine the furniture in that house,
– the carpenter will examine the final touches of the roof,
– the builder will examine the walls and
– the tailor will admire the curtains.

In contrast,
– when the believer sees darkness, he remembers the darkness of the grave.
– When he experiences pain, he remembers Allaah’s punishment and
– when he hears terrible noise, he remembers the blow in the Trumpet (for the commencement of the Hereafter).
– When he sees people asleep, he remembers the dead in their graves.
– When he witnesses a delight, he remembers the delight of Paradise.

Therefore, his attention is all directed at what’s to come, and this makes him busy from whatever there is of life’s splendors.”

[Said-ul Khatir pg.521]