Advices before the advent of Ramadaan

Posted on June 14, 2015


* Ask Allaah to prolong your life so that you may reach it.

* Plan and be ready for acts of obedience during it and free yourself for it. 

* Be around those with high ambition.

* Purify your soul from enmity towards others and reform the relations which the devil has corrupted.

* Sincerely repent to Allaah, and do not make your repentance the type in which one only puts sinning on pause until Ramadhaan ends.

* Check for those in need from your relatives, neighbors and others to make sure that they do not suffer the hardship of hunger due to fasting and the hardship of need due to poverty. 

* The truly successful and guided person by Allaah is he who finishes his worldly affairs (buying ‘Eed clothes and other commitments) before the advent of Ramadhaan, and has finished making up all the missed days he carried over from the previous Ramadhaan.

* The truly successful and guided by person by Allaah is he who utilizes the yearly vacation properly, and if he is eViaoyed, then he also participates strongly in all the Da’wah and other virtuous programs he can, and prepares for Ramadhaan by acquainting himself with the rulings of fasting.

* The truly successful and guided by person by Allaah is the one who prepares to perform acts of virtue during Ramadhaan, like ‘Umrah and I’tikaaf. Such a person is the one who will more than likely benefit from Ramadhaan.

[Shaykh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid]