If Ghosts don’t exist, then what are the visions of Ghosts that we see?

Posted on April 5, 2015


Q. Since the dead do not return from their graves, what are the visions of a ‘ghost’? 

A. Islam explains the realm of the unseen: the jinn. The jinn are creations of Allah that live in the world parallel to us.

Jinn is an Arabic word derived from the verb, Janna, which means to conceal or hide. As their name suggests, jinn are physically invisible from us. And this invisibility is probably the reason why some of us have been denying their existence. Regarding the jinn’s origin, it is mentioned that:

“Indeed, We have created man from dried clay of black smooth mud.
And We have created the jinn before that from the smokeless flame of the fire.”
[Al Hijr 15:26-27]

Like ourselves, Allah has created and has required the jinn to worship Him.

“I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.”
[Al Dhariyat 51:56]

However, jinn do possess some powers and abilities that distinguish them from us, which include taking on a different physical form, like that of a human, for instance.

Some jinn, like us, abuse the powers and capabilities given to them by Allah. One of the several ways that these jinn manipulate their powers is through visions.

“Indeed, he (Iblis) and his tribe (jinn) watch you from a position where you can not see them.”
[Al A’raf 7:27]

For some, visions of dead people (whether familiar or strangers) or those of the ‘unseen’ are common.

Those who do not believe in the jinn as Allah’s creation would be convinced that these are indeed the souls of the departed trying to tell us something.

And this is exactly what the jinn is trying to do: lead us astray – from our beliefs and the truth.

Other ways these jinn manipulate us into shirk (associating partners with our Creator, Allaah) is through fortune telling, black magic, whispering into our hearts, or trying to communicate with us.

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