Ten Things to Clean Sins and Cure the Diseases of the Heart

Posted on October 17, 2014


Al-Hasan al-Basri said:

“One day I was walking with a young pious man in the narrow streets of Basra and its markets until we reached a physician sitting on a chair and around him were many men, women, and children who had bottles of water in their hands. Each one of them was seeking a cure for his illness.
The young man moved closer to the physician and asked him, ‘O physician! Do you have a medicine that cleans away sins and cures the diseases of the heart?
He replied ‘Yes!’
The young man said, ‘Give it to me!”
The physician said,
“Take ten things from me,
take the roots of the tree of poverty with the roots of the tree of humility,
and pour in it the milk of repentance,
then place it in the mortar of acceptance of whatever is predestined for one,
crush it with the pestle of contentment,
then place it in the pot of piety,
pour over it the water of shame,
then boil it with the fire of love,
then place it in the cup of gratitude and cool it down with the fan of hope,
then drink it with the spoon of praise.
If you do all of this then it will cure you of every illness and trial in this world and in the Hereafter.’”

[Preparing For The Day Of Judgement pg.42 Ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalani]