Ali (Radiallahu anhu) on the Virtues of Ansaar, the Pioneers in Islam

Posted on June 2, 2014


One day, while mentioning the virtues of the Ansaar and that the fact that they were pioneers in Islam, Ali bin Abi Taalib (may Allah be pleased with him) said, 

“The person who does not like the Ansaar and does not recognize the rights due to them, cannot be a Mu’min.
Thereafter they used their swords, their power of speech and their generosity of their hearts to nurture Islam just as a mare nurtures her foal in a green pasture.

During the seasons of Hajj, Prophet (peace be upon him) used to go out to call the various tribes to Islam. However, none was prepared to accept his message. He used to meet the various tribes at the marketplaces of Majinna and Ukaaz and at Mina until he would meet the same tribes returning year after a year.
In fact, there were those tribes who used to say to him, “When will the time come for you to give up hope on us because you have been meeting with us for such a long time?”

Eventually the time came when the Most Powerful, the Most Honored, Allah decided matters in favor of the tribes of the Ansaar.
Prophet (peace be upon him) then presented Islam to them and they readily accepted.

They took Prophet (peace be upon him) to their town, assisted him and sympathized with him. May Allah reward them with the best of rewards.
Thereafter, we (the Muhaajireen) came to them and took up residence in their homes. They preferred us above themselves to the extent- that they would even draw lots to decide which of them would be host to us.

Eventually, from the depths of their hearts they allowed us to have greater rights than them in their very own wealth. They even sacrificed their lives for the protection of Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him). May the mercies and blessings of Allah be showered on them.”

[Quoted by Abu Nu’aym in Dala’il al-Nabuwwah 1/262, hadeeth no. 219]