Actions (Postures) of Prayer that are Sunnah

Posted on May 5, 2014


Actions which are Sunnah, which are called postures: 

(i)            Raising the hands when saying the opening takbeer

(ii)           Raising the hands when bowing

(iii)          Raising the hands when rising from bowing

(iv)          Dropping them after that

(v)           Placing the right hand over the left

(vi)          Looking towards the place of prostration

(vii)         Standing with the feet apart

(viii)        Holding the knees with fingers spread apart when bowing, holding the back straight and making the head parallel with it.

(ix)           Placing the parts of the body on which one prostrates firmly on the ground, apart from the knees, because it is makrooh to press them firmly on the ground.

(x)            Keeping the elbows away from the sides, and the belly from the thighs, and the thighs from the calves; keeping the knees apart; holding the feet upright; holding the toes apart on the ground; placing the hands level with the shoulders with the fingers spread.

(xi)          Sitting muftarishan between the two prostrations and in the first tashahhud, and sitting mutawarrikan in the second tashahhud.

(xii)         Placing the hands on the thighs with the fingers together between the two prostrations, and in the tashahhud, except that in the latter the pinkie and ring fingers should be held in, a circle made with the middle finger and thumb, and one should point with the forefinger when remembering Allaah.

(xiii)        Turning to the right and left when saying the salaam