What Is To Be Done Before Performing Salah

Posted on April 4, 2014


1 – Ritual Purity (Wudhu’ or Ghusl depending on the state of impurity; see File on Wudhu on the site www.understand-islam.net)

2 – Clean place.

3 – Men to perform Obligatory Salah at the Mosque (except for a legal excuse; illness, etc.); rest of prayers at home.

4 – Women to perform Salah in the innermost places at home (they are allowed to pray at the Mosques, but not mandatory).

5 – Wearing loose clothes that does not shape the private parts for men (and extend down until above the ankle), while women cover their entire bodies except face and hands.

6 – Standing close to a Sutrah in front of the Musalee (person in prayer) [Sutrah: an object like a pillar, sticking or laying down on the ground, set so that no human or animal can walk in front of the person performing Salah].

General Guidelines:

1 – Learn direction of Qiblah & times of prayer in your location (contact closest Sunni Mosque)

2 – Learn the movements and shorter sentences. Practice what is to be said in prayers.

3 – Work to learn the Recitation of the Opening Chapter in the Qur’an (the Faatiha).