[The Three Principles] Introduction

Posted on February 26, 2014


We all know that as Muslims there are things that we must do, such as pray five times a day and fast in Ramadaan, but the foundation of our religion is: our beliefs about Allaah. 

Our beliefs about Allaah will determine whether or not our good deeds will be accepted by Him – so you can see that this is the most important thing for us to learn about.
Following posts will help us understand what the correct Islaamic beliefs are in an easy way.

The Messenger, Muhammad sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam mentioned in several authentic ahaadeeth that when we die we will be asked three questions in our grave.
They are: 
1.  Who is your Lord? 
2.  What is your Religion?
3. Who is your Prophet?

Allaah will give the people who truly believe in Him the ability to answer these questions correctly. 
They will then have bliss in their graves and will look forward to the Day of Judgement. 

However the disbelievers and the evil doers will not be able to answer these questions in their graves (even if they knew the answers when they were alive). 
What will follow for them will be punishment, may Allaah save us from that, Aameen.

Know, may Allah have Mercy on you, it is obligatory upon us to learn four issue:
i) Knowledge about Allah, His Prophet, and the Religion of Islam with proofs.
ii) Acting upon it (i.e., the Knowledge),
iii) Calling to it (i.e., the religion of Allah)
iv) Patience upon the harms one faces during the course.
The proof is the Saying of Allah,
“By Al-Asr. Verily! Man is in loss. Except those who believe
and do righteous good deeds,
and recommend one another to the -truth
and recommend one another to patience.”
[Soorah al-Asr (103)]
Ash-Shafa’ee (rahimahullah) said,
“If Allah had not sent down any proof to His creation except this Soorah, it would have sufficed them.”
Al-Bukharee said,
“Chapter: Knowledge precedes action.”
The proof is the Saying of Allah, “So know that La ilaha ill Allah, and ask forgiveness for your sin.”
[Soorah Muhammad (47): 19]
So, Allah began with (the command of) knowledge before speech and action.
So, if it is asked, “What are the three principles that one is obliged to know?”
Then reply,
“(1) The slave’s knowledge about Allah,
(2) His religion
(3) and His Prophet.”